crazy trails

I’m guilty of it. You probably are too.

Trying things, getting into them for a second or ten and then moving on to the next.

Working out, shoes, equipment, weight loss programs, tips for fast weight loss, trends…yes! Sign me up!

Recently I signed up for an online “body transformation challenge” (along with thousands of others!) I thought maybe I should re-vamp my nutrition plan for training and tried the raw thing. How long did it last?


In a word, I’ll never eat another banana as long as I live.

Life shouldn’t be about struggle and always searching for the best activity and nutrition that gets you what you really want, you know? I know that weight loss for women has to be easier!

I’m just gonna keep looking at all of it like tryouts.

The team? The one where I’m captain and I can’t wait to keep hittin’ that field every single day…

Be well and chin up! You rock!

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