Hi! I’m Diana and I want to thank your for checking out my blog beta switch review. If you’re like me, you’re always tuned in to finding a workout program that’s easy, fun to do, and that has the right moves and nutrition to help you get to the goals you set. (Me, I’m always looking for better abs, LOL!)

I’m going to give you an unbiased and in depth review of The Beta Switch Program by Sue Heintz. What you’re about to read are just the essential details that I felt were important to help you make an informed decision about the program before you grab a copy for yourself.

In short, this program is designed by an Australian Body Transformation Specialist named Sue Heinzte, who’s helped many women get the BODY OF THEIR LIVES, when they never thought they could.

A Note To Guys Who Might Be Reading This:  

Although I wrote this blog with women in mind, since you’re here, you may want to forward this post to your wives or girlfriends – I know you’re VERY familiar with the struggle we ladies are up against.


 Let’s face it – Beta Switch Review.

Weight loss is something we all consider at least once a year. Good weight loss tips and weight loss programs for women that are written by women , are invaluable. Nobody understands us and knows us better, than our sisters!


This particular program, The Beta Switch really grabbed me because it was created from genuine need.

Sue developed The Beta Switch after seeing it transform her own body.   Going against the grain, she stepped out in faith, shifted her program and lifestyle and had her incredible transformation when she was 40! (Everyone seems to think we’re past our prime at 28. Yeah, right. Look at her amazing results!)

Sue Wins at 40!

Sue Wins at 40!

Fit and Looking Fab!

Fit and Looking Fab!


She tested The Beta Switch program not only on herself, but her clients who were looking to change their bodies as well. Her tips for weight loss along with her easy to understand program gave them the fast weight loss they needed to bring their games to the next level. (She’s coached over 30 winners in the Australian National Body Transformation Championship!)


This amazing program combines nutition and exercise with a powerful fat blasting secret she discovered. Results are not optional, they’re scientifically proven!


Click Here To Visit Sue Heinzte’s Official Website – The Beta Switch 

That’s saying something!

In a nutshell, here’s how the program works:

Ugh....The Trouble Zones

Ugh….The Trouble Zones

You see, without getting too technical, there are two types of receptors in your fat cells. One tells it to actively burn fat, (the Beta receptor). The other tells it to store it, (The Alpha receptor). Whichever one is active will determine if you burn off excess fat in your problem areas, or just store more there.  Scientists have discovered that women have 9X more of these Alpha Receptors than Beta Receptors in their stubborn lower body fat areas. Wow. Talk about a stacked deck.

Beta Switches Green=Good Ones!

Beta Switches
Green=Good Ones!

With The Beta Switch Program’s secret tips, we can TURN ON all those Beta Receptor burning cells and TURN OFF the Alpha Receptor storing cells and QUICKLY ELIMINATE those problem spots. This results in real weight loss. Wouldn’t that be cool? Essentially, the Beta Switch Program has the keys to YOUR weight loss MASTER SWITCH. This secret is the key to fast weight loss.

(You can read all the technical details from the experts here,

It’s not our fault that we store fat in those “problem” areas. We all do. Weight loss programs are not created equally. Regardless of your age or ability, The Beta Switch can work for you.

Here’s the proof. 

Check out these INCREDIBLE transformations!

(It’s the flat tummies that grab me, I want that!)


So to wrap up my Beta Switch review, here are the deets:

The Beta Switch isn’t one of those weight loss programs that will have you doing it for a few weeks and then leave you hanging. The Beta Switch is a LIFESTYLE program. One that you learn and keep for life.


Once you’ve discovered it you can say GOODBYE TO:

  • Strict, restrictive diets
  • Damaging, excessive workouts
  • Compulsive dieting
  • Negative body image


  • SHOCKINGLY FAST fat loss in your problem areas.
  • The end of the “starvation/cravings/binges/guilt” cycle
  • Real results you’ll see in the mirror DAILY!
  • A stronger immune system
  • An active, fat burning metabolism
  • Time spent doing more of what you love in life, rather than worrying about your body. (Priceless)



Click Here To Visit Sue Heinzte’s Official Website – The Beta Switch 



Here’s what you get when you purchase The Beta Switch:


  • A step-by-step 12 week nutrition and lifestyle program that will turn on your FAT BURNING BETA SWITCH. A TRUE WEIGHT LOSS LIFESTYLE SYSTEM, FILLED WITH WEIGHT LOSS TIPS FOR FAST WEIGHT LOSS.


  • THE BETA SWITCH WORKOUT GUIDE, filled with the EXACT exercises PROVEN to switch on your fat burning Beta Receptors





  • The 9-Day Drop a Jeans Size Diet (for when you shortcut to fast weight loss that gets you into a dress or outfit for an event)
  • A copy of the Boost Your Body Image Report book (to help us from comparing ourselves to the fake images the media has us believing are reality)
  • A copy of Sue’s Mind over Matter book (filled with tips to make the mental side of weight loss easier and more fun along with the mental and emotional TRICKS that help you succeed on your transformation)


  • 3 Full months of membership in the Tight n’ Toned Club (an online resource of recipes, diet tips, workouts, articles, and videos that get updated weekly to support your progress through The Beta Switch Program’s transformation)

All this material seems like A PHENOMENAL VALUE. That’s a lot of materials!

I believe that The Beta Switch is simply the best weight loss program for women out there.

OK.  That’s it for my review. I know that you’re ready to get rockin’ with me and try it out, so you’d better keep me posted on your progress!  

I know that your life is just as busy as mine, so thanks for taking time out of your day to read my review of The Beta Switch program! I totally recommend the weight loss tips in it as THE way to get into the                                         BEST BODY OF DSC_0336 copy-impYOUR LIFE.

 I’m going to keep updating my blog about it to keep you informed about all the current news around it, so I’ll talk with you soon. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

 You can have it all, get out there and shine!     Wishing you a fabulous day!


Click Here To Visit Sue Heinzte’s Official Website – The Beta Switch 




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The new year usually starts off with a bang around here…with transformation being the key

Once the fireworks fade, the newness slips away, and the year gets into a groove I find I do too. Do you notice that?

This year I’m trying a new approach to working out and nutrition focused on listening to my body. I’m trying to be mindful of the way the things that go in have an effect on what’s what…like, if I have too much chocolate cake, then I’ll probably notice it on my gut. (Worst problem spot ever!) Yeah, that was a no-brainer, but seriously, which vitamins are really necessary and which are hype? What supplements should stay in the stack, which should go?  How should I focus my nutrition and exercise plans so that they work together to make a huge and lasting change?  Yes, I love the Beta Switch Program and the Beta Switch Workout – but I like to add my own spin to things to keep them new as well.

I found this AWESOME list, check it out!
Top 10 Supplements for Women

Hope you have an awesome day and remember-be KIND to yourself! You’re getting there, and that’s half the fun!

See what we can do with it? GO STRONG OR GO HOME! 🙂

crazy trails

I’m guilty of it. You probably are too.

Trying things, getting into them for a second or ten and then moving on to the next.

Working out, shoes, equipment, weight loss programs, tips for fast weight loss, trends…yes! Sign me up!

Recently I signed up for an online “body transformation challenge” (along with thousands of others!) I thought maybe I should re-vamp my nutrition plan for training and tried the raw thing. How long did it last?


In a word, I’ll never eat another banana as long as I live.

Life shouldn’t be about struggle and always searching for the best activity and nutrition that gets you what you really want, you know? I know that weight loss for women has to be easier!

I’m just gonna keep looking at all of it like tryouts.

The team? The one where I’m captain and I can’t wait to keep hittin’ that field every single day…

Be well and chin up! You rock!

diana westberg, http://dianawestberg.wordpress.com/, http://www.onlythismoment.com, nature photography, intuitive photographer, one spin an odyssey into the moment

Time is flying by and the new year comes with new challenges. I was reading an article about a woman who was tired of the “diet cycle” and decided to get off after 20+ years. She was tired of the every other “thin” year being followed by the “fat” year phenomenon. I never really thought about it like that, but I have the same problem! The Beta Switch Program seems to effectively break that cycle.

I’m thinking it’s a mindset-not a diet that we need to strengthen the ability to get and stay where we want to. (In all areas of life, not just body weight/size/shape) The longer I study the law of attraction, the more I’m convinced that a positive mindset that is filled with belief and intention in whatever you desire will get you where you want to go. Simply do everything in life with good intentions and a positive attitude-this will greatly boost your success in everything.

I’m figuring out that prosperity isn’t just about money. Prosperity goes for health, relationships, attitudes, and feelings. Whatever you want in life, for whatever reason, isn’t “selfish”.

Your true heart’s desire is yours-so make it so and never look back.

I discovered this guitarist, Mark Romero, who has created the most amazing, empowering music that actually helps clear out negative energy that holds you back. Check this out!

Here’s a nice way to think about life…

Be well and keep your chin up! Talk with you soon!

stacked one

Mountains are only as big as we make them…I have to keep remembering that every single thing starts with step #1.

Sometimes it’s daunting to look into the future and see this huge goal, you know? I’m finding that things do work better if I stay in the moment and look to what;s right now, right in front of me and go from there.

Wherever I’m starting, I know that if I keep moving forward that way, I’m gonna make it to the end. (Who cares how long it takes? Really, think in the now. Changes come right now, from the second you decide to choose… 🙂 )

I added in two workout moves recently, and I’m telling you, there’s been a good thing happening so far! I know the first couple sound nuts, but if you’re looking to tone up your core, try them for yourself and see how it goes!

Hula Hoop: Burns 400 calories an hour! Stand up really straight and tall, with your arms overhead. Go at a good pace for at least 12 minutes. (that’s about 3 songs on your iPod LOL) Yes, use the weighted one. You can find it at any sporting goods store. I think there is something to breaking up the fat deposits in the midsection that this thing does…it’s also good to twist your core for tightening it.
Work up to longer time if you get used to doing 12-15 minutes.
Here’s a great video about what else you can do with the weighted hoop.

Bosu Ball: Stand on it with feet shoulder width apart. If you’re new to this fitness equipment, that will be enough for starters! Relax and imagine you’re on a boat and your legs will get the picture immediately-that helped me.
Once you’re there, try different things with that position- believe me, EVERYTHING you do with this thing will work your core and legs.

  • Squats, with or without hand weights (dumb bells or a kettlebell)  Do 3 sets of 15 to start.
  • Tipping your feet from side to side, front to back.  (Do it to the music on your iPod for a whole song) Tip as far as you can in any direction without losing balance.
  • Low squat and hold.  You will find you get very shaky the further down you go and the longer you hold.  All that vibration is your core and leg muscles getting a serious workout!  Try to hold that position until you can’t, then slowly rise back up, rest a few seconds and go again.  Aim for 30 seconds down, 30 seconds rest.
  • Tricep extensions:  Overhead.  Use a dumb bell you’re comfortable with weight wise.  Do 3 sets of 10 to start.
    Here’s a good, short video with some more core moves with the Bosu for you to try:

If you can add either or both of these moves in, you’ll find that your core, booty, and legs will get toned up pretty quickly.  There’s some magic in being off balance and stretching tall…be kind to your body and your mind.  You’re an amazing team and you’re gonna be together a long time.  🙂

Let me know how it goes for you!  Have fun and KEEP MOVING FORWARD.  You can do it, have it all, and BE ANYTHING YOU WANT.

Don’t let anyone steal your thunder or tell you different!  XO


How does anyone get the straight scoop on cardio? There seem to be so many different camps out there. Gym machines. Roadwork. HIIT training. Turbulence.


Over the past few years I’ve been trying different methods in effort to stay happy with what I’m doing and where it’s taking my body. I’m not sure where you are in your journey, but me, I’m always fighting my age induced body issues and my need to keep stuff fresh and fun. I’m in general happy with my stuff, it’s just I’m always on a quest to get a little tighter in the middle…

Made me think of that funny scene from “Napoleon Dynamite”….I love how she says, “I want that…”
I want that....

I want that….

You know, what they say is true. If it isn’t fun, you won’t do it.

What I’m figuring out is, with cardio you need to blend HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training, like jump squats, burpees, sprints, plyo) with lower intensity steady state stuff (like elliptical time and running) to get the best burn.

Weight loss isn’t easy.  Working out with a real weight loss program that you love helps.  A good program can give you weight loss tips, new targeted fitness moves, and even guidance and support.

Here are a few of my fav moves for each:

For my HIIT work I just marked off 5′ increments from 0-100′ on my driveway.  Yeah, my neighbors think I’m nuts.  LOL.  I gotta get my sweat on, so whateva!


Grapevine (relay, I do 100′ x 10 sets)

Heismann (relay, same as above)

High Knees (relay, same as above)

Jump Squats (x100 with 3 sets)

Sprints (relay, I do 50′ turn and return)



Nordictrack (30 mins at a good intensity where I can’t carry on a convo)

Running (Roadwork.  I run 30-40 minutes depending on what else I did that day or my time restraints.  I’m slow, 8 mins a mile, average 4.5-5 miles)

When I combine the steady state cardio with HIIT I find that the steady state stuff is a piece of cake.  (Literally, I wish!)  My lungs get a good workout and my legs stay on their A game.  Benefits….